Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do 

I want to inspire you to be creative, to encourage you turn your unique gift into the growing business you can be proud of and help you fall in love with your brand

Welcome to my online creative home. A place dedicated to designing soulful and stylish brands, custom websites, authentic social stories, modern marketing materials and creative resources that are inspiring and intentional.

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more about me >

Welcome, dear!


Extremely proud that our most recent work involves sustainable and ethically conscious businesses that are good for the people and the planet, run by amazing entrepreneurs who focus on purpose, people and the planet.

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“Monica is living her mission by supporting others and impacting many brands and services in a positive way. In fact, before getting in touch with her for my work, I was so singularly focused on creating products to sell that I forgot about my mission, and forgot about how I might be impacting someone’s life for the better. I’m so thankful for her ability to move my brand back to the channel of service instead of selling” - Andreea, fine art photographer