I believe in crafting artful and refined brands that tell a story, websites that feel like a home, and clients who are in love with their purpose, mission and business. I am personally invested in every project as I understand that relinquishing creative control over your craft is not easy and you need someone you can really trust to profesionally uplevel your vision. With experience and expertize, I will help you uncomplicate the beautiful chaos that brand creation can be. 




brand story questionnaire
brand strategy outline
color inspiration board
logo design creation
brand board
brand style guide
social media design
social guide + resources
launch kit

Optional add-ons per request: naming, tagline, copywriting services, branded content creation and much more! 

website design

website consultation
detailed questionnaire
website design 
custom development on showit
responsive website design
one-hour website tutorial
website launch kit

Optional add-ons per request: copywriting services, web content creation, professional photo editing, and much more! 

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It's time to escape the anxiety, stress and frustration from trying to do it all by yourself.

Remember time is money. And your time is better spent doing the things you love and you're good at.



simple, easy and specially created to fit your on-the-go lifestyle needs 

the discovery call | research & insights
The first step is to find out more about you! For your new branding to be tailored to you, we need to chat about business, your vision, and how we can help you make it reality. After filling out the form on our site, we will pick out together the best time for a call. Following a signature step-by-step approach, we will be left with enough information to start working on future proposals.

the proposal | onboarding & preliminaries
After our call, you’ll receive the customized proposal comprising an outline of the process, the list of deliverables, and an attached contract and invoice sheet. When you’re ready to move forward, you’ll approve the proposal, select any add-ons or a-la-carte items, sign the contract, and pay the deposit invoice. All online, where on-the-go lifestyle meets innovation! At this stage, we’ll send you a brand, website or social media questionnaire to work on in the meantime.

the collaborative process | strategy & story When building your brand story and all the other stuff you need, we will make sure to bounce ideas back and forth with you until you are 101% satisfied with the outcome. After setting the strategic brand guidelines, we’ll start shaping the theme, the mood and the narrative of your story exactly as you envision it! Forget complicated, embrace fun and creative! We will prepare a shared Pinterest board where you can add all the images, colors and photography that represent your vision, since we know that sometimes it’s easier to communicate what you mean through imagery. rather than words.

launch time | final touches and champagne
With everything completed, we’ll do one final overview to make sure we’ve hit the green light! We promise to make it go smoothly so you can you relax and start showing off! We’ll then send over the final invoice and prep the final files. With the final balance paid, it’s time for champagne!

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